Monday, January 11, 2010

Reflux, Eczema, Puking....Oh My!

My poor Sam!

Sunday night he threw up all the food he'd eaten at dinner and the afternoon before. When he got to day care today he refused food and drink and then threw up the bottle he'd had at 6:30 am (6 hrs later). Chad took him to the Dr who was basically worthless and gave him a bottle of pedialyte and told him if he kept it down he could have milk then food.

He kept it down, he had milk and food and at 10:15 tonight it ALL came back up over the couch, ottoman and floor. ALL six ounces of milk came up following one measly cough.

Oh, and the rash that I thought was just dry skin that he's had for a couple months is eczema.

So, I'm starting to think he has a food allergy. He is fine otherwise, no fever, his stomach is just revolting. You can hear it start to gurgle and then everything comes up. I have an email in to his ped to see what he thinks. He's close enough to a year that I asked is we could try him on soy milk and eliminate dairy and see if it helps.

I just feel so bad for my little man...his tummy must be hurting a lot.

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