Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy times

Sorry for the lack of updates. My ability to post pictures is intermittent at best.

Sam's final shots were Friday and the Dr. said they had fluid in there, but no pus. A good thing, but since he still has fluid sitting there, I figure we're just counting the time until his next infection. As hard as that first one was to kick, as much as I hate it, I will probably opt for tubes as soon as we can. The antibiotics are horrible on his tummy, and the shots, well shots are awful, and still cause him tummy issues.

Gavin had another soccer game, and did a great job as usual. Unfortunately 3 out of 6 of the kids on his team flinch and run the other way any time the ball gets near them. Since 3 kids play at a time, he usually is playing out there with 2 kids that won't touch the ball. This weekend the other team had a ringer that scored often. Gavin was pretty bummed after the game and told me he didn't want to play anymore. So we'll see how next week goes!

A girl that is in his kindergarten class lives behind us; their backyard faces ours. So they have been back and forth all weekend between our houses. She is one sassy girl, I can't believe it! She's bossy and demanding and gives Gavin a run for his money since he likes everything his way and she just doesn't put up with it. This afternoon we walked her to her backyard and they walked together holding hands. It was just too adorable. And then I get all teary and mushy eyed thinking that these are the carefree days he will look back on. It sort of counter acts the working mom guilt, knowing that I am working to provide this life, this house, this neighborhood for my kids, and that they will look back on these days when they are older and smile (hopefully!).

Speaking of working mom guilt, the day after Sam said mama for the first time, I walked into day care with my chest all puffed up and proud and announced his new milestone. And got this response "Oh, he's been saying that for a while, I wondered when you were going to hear it". Knife. In my heart. Twisting. Now this wasn't his main lady as she doesn't get in til 8 am, and it was a lady that works in the 2 yr old room. I am sure she didn't mean to break my heart. But still!

Oh and swimming lessons are going better it seems. Gavin doesn't fight going, and he participates more. Although today he informed me he doesn't like diving boards. "Don't get me one of those, Mommy, ok?" "Gavin, we don't even have a pool, don't worry." "I don't like those boards, so don't get me any."

Got it Gavin. The next Michael Phelps most certainly will not be discovered in my house!

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