Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yep - Sam said mama tonight for the first time! YAY! I was so excited and I've only really been trying to get him to do it for a couple days. And wasn't expecting much since he shrieks and squeals instead of babbling most of the time. He then proceeded to look at Chad and repeat, but whatever. At least he is saying something!

Last night he slept better but today at day care he was fussy and needed tylenol. Tomorrow is our second round of shots, so I am anxious to see how his ears look.

It's all about teeth around here. Gavin lost another one and Sam is still trying to break his first one through.

Gavin made quite an effort in soccer this weekend. I may be biased, but that kid seems to have a knack for the game. Unfortunately he got knocked down a couple times, and there was one kid on the other team that seemed to have it out for him and was talking smack! He totally deserved a yellow card! Gavin held his own though. And scored several goals. It's so fun to see the kids make progress in each game.

I'm so proud of Gavin. He's very emotional, which is draining to deal with his outbursts sometimes. But for the most part he is dealing with the transition to school better than I expected. He's even decided to do school lunch which means one less thing for me to do! It's a little overwhelming because there are lots of choices and he has to remember his keypad number, so I didn't push it. He decided all on his own.

Oh these boys, I love seeing all the progress they make but hate how fast they are growing up! They (and their dad) are my loves, and I am so lucky to have this family.

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Trish said...


Robbie said mama early, but then he learned dada and never says it anymore. TRAITOR!