Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sam's progress *updated*

Sam's OT came Tuesday morning to check in on him, and was amazed by how big he is! She was also very impressed with his development, with how steady and confident and coordinated he is. She said she could just see the wheels turning in his head and that he has very advanced problem solving skills.

I told her what we really need is a sleep therapist. I mentioned how he still can't go long between meals. She said maybe it's a growth spurt. I said he's never NOT been having a growth spurt! Ugh! I need some sleep. I love the baby snuggles, but it's starting to wear on me. I would even take the sleeping with me if we could just cut out the waking.every.TWO.hours!

Gavin's had some pretty grumpy evenings, but no reports from school about behavior. The kid that can never remember a thing about his day, I swear gave me the rundown verbatim on the Entertainment books. Speaking of, we are selling them for $2o. They include $20 off in coupons from Hy-Vee so they pay for themself.

Gavin runs his first race today - a half mile!

*update* speaking of progress, Sam made it to 4 am before waking. Of course it's now 4 am and he is WOUND and ready to party!

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