Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Milestones for the Boys

Gavin lost his first tooth yesterday! Apparently it fell out in the library and he caught it. I hate anything tooth related and it totally grosses me out, but whatever.

His first soccer game went well - he scored three goals! Unfortunately the other team really knew what they were doing, and on our team Gavin was the only one really going after the ball, so the other team scored quite a bit. He had fun though. Of course getting a treat was his favorite part! No games this weekend due to Labor Day, the next game is the 12th at 11:45 am.

Sam just took off over the weekend - in a week he went from sitting for a few seconds to sitting for 10 minutes or more! He is so aware and engaged in everything around him. We went to brunch and he sat in a high chair and looked around at everyone, played with his toys, and ate half a pancake! Sunday I took him to the grocery store and he was sitting in the cart and digging through my purse. I finally realized he was hungry and was looking for his bottle! Which I always carry in my purse. And lastly, he is scooting backwards on his hands and knees. Only a matter of time before he is mobile.

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