Friday, September 4, 2009

Sammy's first ear infection

Well we made it 7 months without antibiotics which is about the same as Gavin (except for his hospital infections). Sam's been snotty for a few days now and last night had a horrible cough so I took him in. No fever and not too much crankiness oddly enough!

Sam actually FELL ASLEEP IN HIS CRIB last night, courtesy of the Baby Einstein sea sounds and sights thing we bought for his crib. I laid on the air mattress out of sight and had to pet his head and hand him his paci a couple times, but he fell asleep and stayed asleep for five hours. A total record!

Here are some recent pics:

Not cooperating for first day of school pics

Apprehensive first day of school

A Sammy sitting montage

And here is Gavin in the same outfit

Nope, I guess they don't look alike at all!

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