Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ear Infection, Round 2

When I picked poor Sammy up from day care tonight he looked AWFUL. They'd taken his temp two different times, one was normal and one was slightly elevated. But he'd been on Tylenol because he was so fussy and they figured it was teething. So we got home and I called the ped who couldn't get us in but told us to go to the walk in clinic nearby. By then his temp was 101.1 and later at the clinic it was 101.8. Poor baby! But even feeling awful he was still a happy guy and Gavin did quite a job of entertaining him in the waiting room. No one can get that baby belly laughing like Gavin!

So. He's resistant to Amoxycillin just like Gavin. He's on the red poop making, diarrhea inducing Omnicef. (On a happy note, there is finally a generic - yay for $10 prescriptions!). I just get flashbacks of Gavin at this age and that this was the onset of 11 months of nothing but illness after illness all leading up to a hospital stay.

He still feels warm after another dose of Tylenol but he is finally asleep.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Blogger is not my friend and somehow I can not load pictures lately. You'll get the mother load when I finally can! Something to look forward to!


Trish said...

Oh no! I hope he's feeling better.
Robbie's on his 3rd round. He was on the Omnicef for the 2nd round and I thought it was going to kill him. If it hadn't been for the G-tube I have no doubt he'd have been in the hospital for dehydration. That stuff is the devil.

Bridie said...

What antibiotic did is he on now? The Omnicef is actually not affecting Sam as badly as it did Gavin, or so I thought, but now (after 4 days) he's got pretty much straight water diahrrea. And to make matters worse I'm not even sure it's working as he was up every hour last night crying and rubbing his ears, which he hasn't done until now. I hate, hate, hate ear infections!