Friday, June 12, 2009

And Now We Wait

We are home from the hospital and everything went better than I expected. First off, we got there and I found out they would NOT be using barium, but a contrast solution instead. Can I just tell you what a relief that was, as I had been very worried about what the barium was going to do to his system. It definitely put me in a better place about the whole thing and was a sign that maybe things would be ok.

Sam did so well during the x-rays, and I hate to say he looked pretty cute in his peach hospital gown! The radiologist did not see any obstructions, and everything was flowing to all the places it was supposed to. All good news. Nothing is ruled out yet, he obviously has "a tight ass" as Chad so eloquently puts it. The few times he had diarrhea he has no problem getting that out, so I am not surprised that the contrast flowed through well.

Anyway, now we wait. Sam is happy to have his system cleaned out. I should be hearing from the doctor this afternoon.

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NovelTeaMommy said...

YEA! Glad he took things so well. Hoping to continue on this path.