Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good News!

Well, Chad was quick to point out that he was right, so we will give him credit here. The diagnosis is to just wait and see and hope he outgrows this.

X-Rays: showed nothing of concern. No stenosis (narrowing). While this test is not great for diagnosing Hirschsprungs, she was looking for a section that was stretched out which may have indicated there was a section with the missing cells below, and didn't see it. She didn't feel it was necessary to put him through the biopsy to diagnose this disease at this time. It's not a painful test, but he would be sedated, so I was happy about that.

Exam: showed no blood in the stool, which would indicate a food allergy. So I get to keep pumping as usual.

Reflux: She saw him "spit up quite a bit" as she said while we were there (it was actually a very small spit for him!) and observed he wasn't in pain, so our meds are working. She said to expect the reflux to get worse before it gets better.

She explained the whole pooping process and basically thinks he is uncoordinated and needs to outgrow it. We should keep doing to juice as that seems to help keep him regular, and told us how much he can have a day if necessary. We can also use suppositories if he is uncomfortable, but if we need to use them more than twice a week, we will go back in and start looking for allergies, or perhaps do the biopsy. She said we can also start the cereal again, and recommended trying oats instead of rice.

Now, we all know how impatient I am, and that I want a fix, and am not good at wait and see. BUT, you may remember when Gav was such a sick puppy between 9 - 18 months. Croup, ear infections once a month (even after tubes), 4 bouts of rota-virues, constant colds and cough, all leading up to a 3 day stint in the hospital, 2 weeks fever viruses, buying a nebulizer, and finally a trip to the allergist. I wanted answers as to why he was so sick all the time. The allergist, who had also been an immunologist, reminded me that he was a preemie, he was born with no immune system, and he was more than likely going to outgrow this. You know what? He didn't get sick after that appt. He got the usual one or two ear infections a year, but by no means continued his constantly sick cycle.

Sometimes you do just have to wait and see, and sometimes they really do outgrow it. So I am fine with the diagnosis.

And while I HATE that the doctor had me totally freaked out that this was something serious, I have to step back and think about why life throws these experiences in your path. That these things happen and make you realize what the priorities are. That I am a person that lets work consume my life and take a number one spot on the priority list before my kids. That it's ok to want a career and to be successful, but I need to remember that the reason I am working so hard is FOR my family to have a great life, but part of that great life includes me being present in their lives. I do need a kick in the pants every once in a while to make me remember that.

May I also mention something that made my heart just sing last night and confirmed how "worth it" all the pregnancy issues, etc it was to have Sam and to give Gavin a sibling.

Gavin, sitting on the couch last night, while I was sitting on the other couch with Sam. "Mom, can I see my best buddy?"

Oh yes, yes you can. It doesn't get any better than that.

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NovelTeaMommy said...

(Big smile) Gavin is just too cute!

Glad that Sam doesn't have to go through anything major. Or Mommy for that matter!