Friday, June 12, 2009

No news is.......

Well, no news. But at least it's not bad news! And we've had such a great day, it's easy to convince myself there's nothing really wrong. Sam is always such a happy smiley baby, but since he's been "cleaned out" and is feeling better, he's been exuberant. Instead of merely smiling all the time, he's laughing and talking to me all his waking moments. He's such a sweet baby.

We stopped by the day care b/c the lady that takes care of him just loves him so much, and we stopped so she could see him and give her an update. We ran to Hy-Vee to buy groceries for dinner, and we stopped by the video store (3 movies for 5 nights for $1.06!).

Still no call. The X-Ray techs shouldn't be allowed to tell you when the doctors will get the results, and when they'll call. They said "they should call with results this afternoon". But how do they know? I don't even know if my doctor is in today, for that matter. So until I hear anything different, I am going to assume everything is just fine and enjoy this happy child while he's feeling so good.

Thanks for checking in on us and all your well wishes! Support means the world to us. I'll keep this updated with any news I get.

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