Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Price of 4 pack motorcycles, 10 pac Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels semi, Monster Truck, Sponge Bob camera, Spiderman shoes, and Wendy's happy meal: $80

Getting Gavin to throw his mimi away in the trash in front of Target: Priceless

Time spent pumping a 4 ounce bottle and setting it out for Sam's next feed: 20 min

Having to dump the bottle b/c he went 7 HOURS between feedings: Priceless

Now if only those 7 hours ended at 5 am instead of 3 am.

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NovelTeaMommy said...

I think Gavin may be even smarter than you think! He is definitely showing some strong negotiating skills : )

Gotta love the kiddos. I swear they do these things on purpose to keep our tired minds awake : P If only it was easy to go to bed at 8 with them to get those 7 lovely hours of rest.