Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Am Sam's Finicky Tummy

I don't know, for some reason the movie Fight Club is in my head, hence the title of the post. No correlation to anything.

Anyhow, Sam continues to battle the one issue Gavin didn't have - well except for the whole upside down stomach thing! Gavin never had a feeding issue. He caught on pretty quick, started solids at 4 months (actual, not adjusted) and never looked back.

Poor Sam, on the other hand. I did read somewhere that babies born between 32 and 34 weeks will have more feeding issues than babies born prior to 32 weeks or after 34 weeks. Don't know why. Maybe because after 34 weeks they pretty much arrive knowing how to eat, and prior to 32 weeks, they really take their time with feedings. With Sam, since he arrived within that window where the feeding coordination is being developed, they just went ahead full force with feedings, and were pretty aggressive about it. Just a theory, please note I have no medical basis for this!

Anyway, we started rice cereal last week. By Saturday he was chowing down on it, but had stopped pooping. I increased his juice to twice a day, and even mixed the cereal with juice. As of today, we are going on Day 6 with no production. And he is not a happy guy. Needless to say we have stopped the cereal. I hope, hope, hope, this is just a phase. I forget that 33 weeks is still a preemie, and things will still not be smooth sailing.

I think Gavin enjoyed his first day of Summer Camp yesterday, but he "didn't want to talk about it". He's not good with change, even fun changes, so he was pretty much a total wreck last night. It can only get better (I hope).

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