Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GI Appt on Wed

Well, this was a little annoying. I am not the happiest with the communication from our Dr's office these days.

My phone rang last night and it was the automated reminder service from Blank. Telling me I had an appt 9 am Wed for th GI doctor.

No one called the schedule the appt with me. Fortunately, I was able to clear my schedule to make it work!

So good news, we have an appointment and will get some answers tomorrow morning. Bad news, I am thinking of switching doctors. I had a really bad experience getting Sam's synagis figured out as well, miscommunication/lost communication among the individuals that were supposed to be coordinating it. It's just hard to switch when they have all the kids history there, and I like that it is actually part of the hospital.

If anyone has a good recommendation on a pediatrician, I would love it.

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NovelTeaMommy said...

Just what you needed with all of this, huh!

Glad that you get to move forward though; I would hate for Sam to start feeling unwell again before figuring it out : (

I don't have a ped. to recommend. We see a famiy doctor (D.O. instead of M.D.), and he's like 72 so don't know if you'd want to jump on that train. Let me know if you do, we've had nothing but happy results with him since, like, 2003 or 2004. The nurses are fantastic as well.