Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am Sam's Potentially Jacked up Colon

We went in to the pediatrician this morning as Sam was getting more and more uncomfortable and every trick in the book to get him pooping didn't work. Suppositories offered a little relief.

We need everyone's thoughts and prayers right now. I wasn't ready for the potential diagnosis. Actually I was, as I had done my research, but was hoping that we would be getting a prescription for a laxative and be on our way. Instead, upong doing a rectal exam, the Dr. darted out of the room to consult with the GI specialist. We are doing a barium enema tomorrow at 8:30 AM. They are looking for a narrowing of the colon, as the Dr said it felt extremely tight. Also, very little stool came out, and it was soft like it normally is. Which tells them he shouldn't be having this much of a problem pushing it out.

The two things this scan is looking for specifically is Hirschsprung's disease or stenosis. We are hoping it is neither, but a stenosis would be better. Here is a link for Hirschsprung's. He is not really exhibiting most of the symptoms, so please hope and pray this is not our issue.

Both can be corrected with surgery. The GI offered a third option which is breast milk intolerance. Hard to explain the tightness with this one, but considering his problem worsened when we introduced rice cereal, maybe he has food issues. That would be the best case scenario.

At any rate, the poor child was violated today and was not happy about it. He is in a much better mood this evening kicking around on the floor making his happy baby sounds. Unfortunately, he has no idea what he is in for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with Sammy and your family. We will anxiously await good news!
Love, Aunt Marcia & Uncle Alan