Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Sips

Yesterday Sam seemed to be a little more perky than I had ever seen him during the morning, but then was conked out all afternoon. They have scaled back and are allowing him to "attempt" his own feedings every other time, and yesterday and overnight he stayed pretty consistent at 15 ml - one third of his feeding amount. I'm hoping that with the rest and his bilirubin levels continuing to come down that we will make some progress today. It's amazing how something as simple as eating is such a chore for these little babies! He did gain 10 grams when they weighed him Monday morning, he weighs almost 5 lbs, 5 oz now.

He will be staying under the lights until Wednesday evening, unless by some miracle he starts eating. Not likely, but the doctor said the lights wouldn't be the reason he doesn't go home.

They've also started fortifying his milk with extra calories and protein, so I am hoping that might give him some extra energy. He is already showing his little personality - yesterday I was feeding him and had him laying on the outside of my gown and he pitched a GIANT fit until I situated him so that he was tucked under the gown up against my skin! So at least he is not too tired to let his opinion known!

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