Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 10

After spending half the day yesterday researching bottles, I brought in a new bottle for Samson to try. Not sure if it was the bottle, but he took half of it. I think it was the bottle, because he didn't seem to have to try as hard, and he was pretty much asleep the whole time. If we could get him alert at the right time for his feedings, I am sure he would do much better! We'll see if he has as much success at his 2 pm feeding.

They upped his feedings to 50 ml this morning. He hasn't really gained any weight the last couple of days, so in the next couple days we may start phasing in the milk fortifier again. He needs to grow and get stronger in order to eat, so I am hoping he will tolerate it better this time. So for now, not much change. Just......waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Chad, Bridie and Gavin -
Congratulations on your beautiful new son! Hadn't checked your site for a while, and was glad to see the news today when I did. Will be thinking of you often as Samson continues to clear the hurdles on his way to going home.
Best wishes from Connie and Morten