Sunday, February 15, 2009

Samson gets to come home!

The doctor is releasing Samson today! Usually they would make them wait a couple days on the ad lib feeding, but since I have done this before and he says it seems like I know what I am doing, they are comfortable releasing him today. YAY!

We know everyone is anxious to see him and love him and hold him. Please be patient with us as we introduce Sam to everyone slowly and not in mass. We're not supposed to be "passing him around" a lot even if he's asleep as that can stress preemies out. Hard to understand, but all the "strange" people (nurses) here are always doing unpleasant things to him - taking his temp, drawing blood, etc. So he will be stressed around new people for a while. They also told us that only Chad and I should feed him, unless of course he is in someone else's care.

We'll also ask that anyone that comes over to visit make a beeline for the sink and wash your hands well. Although not as much as Gavin was, Sam will still be a little more susceptible to illness than the average newborn. I am glad that he qualified to receive the RSV shot, so that is a very good thing.

That is all for now! Goodbye hospital food, beeping monitors, vitals every 3 hours. Goodbye to constant anxiety and fretting over every little drop of milk he takes. Goodbye 6 am phone calls to the NICU to see how Sam's night went. Goodbye to the AWESOME staff here that has taken such good care of him. Hello to life with TWO crazy little boys! I have no idea what we are in for, but I can not wait to find out!

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