Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally one big Family

Life with Sam home is great! Gavin is handling it better than I could have imagined. Sunday he was so excited to see him when I walked through the door, and wanted to keep bringing him toys. He talks to him and makes silly faces at him, and wants to help out, but gets a little stressed when he can't calm him down when he is crying. Fortunately, he is not a big crier (yet)!

Samson is eating really well, and we are trying to get our routine down and a night routine down. We are working on nursing, and he's not GREAT at it yet, so the night is kind of rough right now because he doesn't eat much before falling asleep and I refuse to warm up bottles in the middle of the night. Good thing I have 4 weeks to figure it out!

I'll post some pictures soon.

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