Thursday, February 5, 2009

PROGRESS!! = ) = ) = )

I called to check on Samson this morning, and finally, some good news! At his 2 am feeding, he took half his bottle - 23 ml of the 48 ml that he gets at each feeding. He was also awake and sucking on his pacifier for his 5 am tube feeding, which is a really good sign. We've been holding him a lot and giving him "kangaroo" care, so I don't know if that really helped, or he is just perking up, but whatever the reason, I am so happy this morning.

We're waiting to hear back on his bilirubin levels, they turned the lights off at 10 pm last night and are weaning him back to his crib. I bought a camera yesterday (Chad usually has ours for work), so I will get to work on some pictures for all you wonderful fans.

Now that we are starting to move forward, I am hoping our NICU sentence is only about a week longer. YAY! Such a happy way to start my morning.


Anonymous said...

Such great news this morning! We are sure hoping that little bundle of joy is home with you soon! I'm sure that Gavin is more than ready to be Samson's big brother!

Love, Aunt Marcia & Uncle Alan

Anonymous said...

Samson -- You rest up and eat up so you can come home and play with Gavin and be cuddled by me....In our thoughts always, Gamma Jamma and Grandpa Dan