Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 12 - off to a good start

Samson finally gained some weight - he's up 55 g (close to 2 ounces!). He's now just a little less than 3 ounces below his birth weight. He's continuing to do well with his bottle feedings, making progress in milliliters! He took about half his bottle at his 8 pm feeding, and set a new record (32 ml out of 50) at his 2 am feeding. Good work Sam!

However, he spit a good part of it back up when he was put back in his bed. The nurse said it was pretty projectile, so she's guessing it was due to the fact that he still needed to burp. He hasn't spit up at any other feedings, so hopefully it was that and not because he isn't tolerating the milk fortifier.

Everyone keeps asking when he might come home, but I still don't have a good guess. He's making progress, but still only getting a bottle at half his feedings, so we're still a ways off. Once he gets closer to taking a full bottle, they will offer him a bottle at more of his feedings. And of course, as he gains weight, they will want him to eat more. Sometimes it feels like the carrot just keeps getting a little further away, but hopefully we are getting closer to our "click" moment.

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